Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kids Say Funny Things

At lunch with friends and family the other day, my niece is messing with her nose. My sister hands her a kleenex. She blew her nose and sajd, "Nothing in my nose now." My other niece said, "I've got lots of things in my nose. Want to see?"

At the same lunch, my five year old niece said to the other niece, "French fries aren't a good lunch." The four year old responded, "You aren't the boss of me."

Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa, Please bring Dad a Pacemaker

My dad had a pacemaker put in December 22. He has had an irregular heartbeat for a few years and they determined it was time to resolve that issue. Pacemaker in and discharged the next day...in and out so quickly.

No one foresaw this hospital stay. So when I got home for the holiday my parent's didn't have time to get a tree, decorate for Christmas or make cookies. So, we improvised. My sister brought down with her an outdoor Christmas tree. We opened it up like an umbrella, plugged it in and presto - instant Christmas tree. My niece and nephew didn't seem to care. They were easily distracted by the presents.
We had a great Christmas even though it was not typical. I hope your Christmas was filled with joy and laughter and an appreciation for the love of a caring family.
Savor the details.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


About 14 years ago, at a local antique store I spied two cats laying upside down on a beautiful oak bed that was for sale. I petted the cats. They had the softest fur I've ever felt. It was like rabbit fur. I asked the owner of the store about the cats and he said they were Ragdoll cats. I wasn't familiar with the breed and actually didn't know anything about pure breed cats. We only had wild barn cats. I asked if they were for sale and he said, "No, his wife would kill him. They were hers and that he brought them to work everyday."

Determined that someday I would find a breeder of Ragdoll cats and I would have one of my own. Years went by but I never forgot about those cats. Recently I found a reputable breeder and went to visit the kittens and hopefully take one home. I was in love the minute I saw the kittens - white fluff balls, running around chasing each other. One of the kittens seemed very interested in Superman and stayed still long enough to be petted. That was the one for us! The breeder didn't pick out names she thought she would become too attached to the kittens if she named them and then have problems giving them up. We thought over it and decided "Diesel" would be a good, big cat name.

I was nervous about the cat getting along with the two dogs. After a week of keeping them separate, and growing weary of the excited barking by Sissy (our retriever mix), I crossed my fingers and let them all loose in the same room. All went well. Sissy is a playmate for Diesel now. They rough house and the cat pounces on her. Sissy pins him to the floor and nibbles at his ears. Diesel can be heard purring while all this is going on. Max, our Spaniel mix, tolerates the cat. If the cat bumps into Max while he's sleeping, Max will growl at him. He apparently doesn't like to have his sleep disturbed - just like me.
Make no mistake - pets are alot of work. They required exercise and training. They are expensive. They are messy. There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish I had a maid. But the unconditional love they give is well worth it. Savor the details.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter 2009

Ice. We had a little rain turn into ice. We don't get too much ice or snow and people aren't used to driving on it nor are we equipped to clear the roads. They canceled schools when it first started up giving everyone a little time to enjoy the beauty.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...a Harp

My niece wanted a harp last year from Santa. A harp? Kids are funny. No one knew where the idea of a harp came from.

This year she's asked for a Barbie hotel. When my sister said, "That's a pretty big gift for Santa to carry. We'll have to just see what he brings." My niece said, "Well, he didn't bring me that harp last year..."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How did Santa Get Here?

My niece saw Santa at the botantical gardens. I asked Sarah how Santa got to the gardens? She said, "I don't know Aunt Chris." I said, "Do you think the reindeer flew him here?" She said, "No, I think he took a plane just like I did. But he wasn't on my flight because I would have seen him."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lights in the White Garden

I saw over 600,000 Christmas lights. I was in awe. It was beautiful. I want to go again. Savor the details.