Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In the Dog House

I slept in the spare bedroom last night because I was tossing and turning. Diesel normally sleeps at my feet so when I moved rooms he wanted to move with me. But I don't normally allow the pets in the spare bedrooms so I shut him out. He cried and cried outside the door and then…Then, he plotted his revenue.

When I went to put my contacts in this morning, I couldn't find the contact case anywhere. The cabinet drawer where I had left the case last night was wide open but no contacts.

Diesel must have slinked into my bathroom, slide open the bathroom drawer, and while playing with the elastic hair bands, pulled out my contact case and flipped the case over the side/top of the drawer. It landed under the sink area of the cabinet. It took both of us 45 minutes to find my contacts.

I've seen Diesel open the kitchen cabinets and bedside table to get to his toys but I've never seen him open the bathroom drawers.

I may need baby locks.

Savor the details.