Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Susie the Circus Dog

"Just Breathe"

My new, favorite song is surprisingly Willie Nelson singing "Just Breathe." Sung with his son Lukas, it's a great remake from Pearl Jam. I love the lyrics coupled with the gravely voice of Nelson. It's a perfect pairing.

Take a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBg7Aj6PJko&feature=related

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Registry

I went to the mall last night to buy a present off a baby registry. It's been a long time since I've been to the mall to really shop. I'd rather have my teeth drilled without the pleasure of a numbing shot than shop at a mall. I digress...

I could not find anyone around to help me locate the items on the registry. Are baby lamps in lighting because they sure didn't seem to be in the baby clothing section? Apparently, Tuesday nights are slow. This big name department store employs all of four people. I mill around for 30 minutes and finally settled for whatever I can find on the registry.

I went to pay for the items with the registry in hand gave it to the clerk. She rang up the items and I said, "Did you scan the registry so they show as being purchased?" "No, we don't do that." "You don't do that? I don't understand. What do you mean?" "I haven't seen a registry here in a long time." "So, you are unable to record these items as being purchased?" "Let me call my supervisor." I turn away and start to get fidgety. Did I mention that I hate malls?

Meanwhile, a young, cute couple comes up to the cashier with several items. They have a coupon on their smart phone they'd like to have scanned. I smile at them while thinking, "yeah, good luck with that."

The phone rings. I assume it's her supervisor but she's busy ringing up the young couple's clothes I'm not sure she's going to pick up the phone. On the last ring, she snatches the phone off the receiver, answers it, and then flings the phone over to me. "Talk to her. I'm busy." I'm taken back a little and stammer, "Hello? Yes, I have several items off a baby registry that I'd like to purchase and have them recorded on the registry." I hang up the phone. "She's coming down," I said. I look at the  young couple. Not surprising, she can't get the scanner to recognize the bar code on their smart phone for the $10 coupon. I think...$10 coupon! I need a smart phone - maybe it would pay for itself?

The supervisor arrives. She starts messing with the computer on the cash register. There's a lot of button pushing and reading out numbers going on. I turn away again. Geez, maybe this isn't really all that important? "We need to ring up the items as an exchange, take them off, and then reenter the purchases." "Do you have your original receipt?" "Um, yes," I said as I pulled it out of the bag.

As the woman is re-ringing the items up, the supervisor moves over to help the young couple who are now entwined in each other arms and kissing. They apparently have no phobias of malls. The manager enters the long number on the smart phone's coupon. Success. A receipt curls out of the register, she thanks them, and they are off, arm-in-arm.

"I can't get this to work. We don't see too many of these gift registries anymore." I wanted to say, "Really? Because I thought the problem was that you don't DO that anymore." I resisted the urge to get snippy.

After fumbling around, reading numbers, pushing buttons, and scanning bar codes, a receipt finally spits out, is stapled to the original receipt, and I'm on my way. Success!