Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Much to Learn

Life has gotten a little more hectic. After two years of hounding me, my husband has gotten a Border Collie. I'm not completely opposed to a third dog. I love animals. What I'm opposed to is the additional housework required. I hate housework. I would rather have my teeth drilled without the pleasure of a numbing shot than do housework. Seriously - I hate housework. And I'm not good at it. Things look nearly as dirty as when I started. It's an exercise in frustration and wasted time for me. Hey, we all have our weaknesses. Right? One more dog in the house means more hair, more dust, and more housework. Ack!

Superman really wants to train a Border Collie to be a a disc dog. I don't think he has much free time to do this but I took a big step back on this one. I strongly believe it's our job - as spouses to support our other halves dreams vs. just pooh-poohing them.

Well, little Susie joined the flock a few weeks back. She has ALOT of energy and loves the other two dogs. She's found a buddy for life in Sissy. They run and play and are inseparable. While Max tolerates her with an occasional growl and teeth bearing. Yesterday I witnesses a break through. Max and Susie playing in the house until he got tired and flopped on the sofa. He growled at her when she came near for round two of WWF. She apparently didn't hear the bell and that she had won the match. His growling only causes her to back up a bit and begin barking at him, as if to say, "come on grouch, play with me!"

Susie is a comedian. A blueberry had rolled on the floor and she found it. She thought that was the best toy ever. Flipping it around in the air, nudging it around with her nose and finally rolling on it; only to seem totally deflated when it smashed. She looked like a child who had just popped their balloon. Sad and confused.

This morning she came inside lathering and foaming at the mouth, followed shortly by throwing up. I think she found a toad and decided to play with it. Oh, she has a lot to learn for sure. We are looking forward to all we can teach her and in turn, all she will teach us. Savor the details.